Gordon Fitzgerald

Edit: I can’t talk about how stressed I’ve been lately without sounding like I’m whining all over the place, but there are reasons that I shouldn’t be allowed to blog after work. Gordon Fitzgerald? Well…close enough. I’m just going to leave it like it is, as a testament of why you shouldn’t blog at 1 AM.

Finally…a finished knit.

Not my best finishing job, but it’s finished. It’s been sitting on my bench for…months now and I decided I finally wanted to wear the silly thing.

It’s just a general, basic hat-I’m not sure I can even tell you want pattern at this point. I did knit it flat.

It’s a cotton blend from Plymouth, and for whatever reason the colors reminded me of Gordon Lightfoot.

*All my hats are knit slightly large to get over the bun of my under scarf-that black thing in the photos.

**The photos are slightly overexposed but the colors are truer that way. Also, I’m still horrible at photographing hats on myself.


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