Three Products Towards Cleaner Laundry


Not the most exciting post, I know.

But dirty-and I mean, dirty-laundry has been my migraine trigger for the last month.

Mid got a new job, and he likes it, which means I like it. But one of his tasks is unpacking the truck when he’s not doing his main job.

And I swear he gets down on the floor and rolls around on it.

I’m not joking. I’ve been trying to figure out how, as someone that’s worked a job like that, he manages to get as nasty as he does.

And what is he unloading, exactly? Two stroke motor oil and tires.

After a lot of blood, sweat, tears, profanity (we are talking about me and my notorious potty mouth after all) and experimentation-here are the three products I’ve found that actually work, and how I go about using them. Note: I don’t have any connection to these products, other than driving my Facebook flist crazy looking for laundry advice.

Step 1/Product 1: Blue Dawn dish soap


My first step when I get home at night is to soak his shirts in a very, very, very hot bath with regular old blue Dawn dish soap. If they use it to clean penguins in oil spills [I don’t know if they actually do that but it was on a Dawn commercial once and stuck with me], I’ll use it to fight really nasty grease stains.

Steps 1a and 2/Product 2: Gojo Hand Cleaner


The goo that they use in garages to clean their hands.

Don’t be afraid of an oil based product.

If I have time (or if I”m washing his shirts by hand that day for whatever reason) I’ll run the hottest water I can get out of the tap with Dawn and prep a wash bucket. I slap the Gojo onto the stain and let it sit for a couple of minutes. And I do mean slap, I just paint that stuff on like stucco.

I soak the shirt in the hot water/Dawn then rinse in warm water until I get a clean rinse. If you have any experience handwashing woolens, you’re effectively doing the same thing.

*Do use hot water. Hot water is why you can get away with using an oil based product on your clothes. I’ve used cold washes before I knew better and it came out fine but you have less of a risk on your clothes with hot. This is pretty much the only time I advocate hot water.

Hang to dry.

Step 3/Product 3: Tide

If you see that the stain is really stubborn, use more Gojo and then wash with Tide.

Tide. By name, Tide. Not just whatever the cheapest laundry soap you can find (which is admittedly what I use for our normal wash). Tide is the -only- detergent that seems to lift the grime.

Remember to use the hottest water you can for the clothing you’re washing.


Trust me on this, I’ve saved myself a lot of aggression, passive and otherwise, with this combination.


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