The Best Chocolate Cake. Ever. Seriously. Ever.

cake shamingWhat…what are you doing Katie.

What is that sad looking excuse of a cake sitting there?

…That’s why I don’t ever show you what my cakes look like. Seriously. I am the world’s worst froster. I don’t wait until the frosting is warm enough or the cake is cool enough. Those brown specks are the frosting deciding to attack the cake like allergens in the immune system.

I’m showing you this lest you think I think everything I touch turns to gold.

[Honestly…Mid normally frosts the cakes. For a reason.]

Seriously though.

This cake.

I don’t scratch bake cakes that often because I think they’re terrible. I don’t like my own cakes.

Until this cake. This cake is everything I think cake should be-moist, awesome crumb, deep flavor. And it gets better the next day. It’s so awesome I’m just going to route you back to Foodess and you can tell her how awesome I think her cake is.

Because it’s totally changed my stance on my own homemade chocolate cakes.


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