The Keyhole

things that go bump in the night

I’m not finding a lot of history on this one, which makes me think one of three things (or a combination of the above): 1. That it’s fairly new-a  creepy pasta 2. That it’s fairly old-a retelling of a very old story 3. My Googling abilities have failed me once again.

Well. It’s still creepy.

A man is traveling to a new city (it’s never a man traveling home, it’s always a strange man in a strange place).

He checks into a good hotel-one of the best in the city, but by no means new.

The hotel is fairly crowded, due to its reputation. His is the only room left vacant-except for the room across the hall.

When the man is checking in, the woman behind the counter tells him that under no circumstances is he to go into that room across the hall. It will always stay empty, and no one will be allowed to stay in there.

Thinking that this is an odd statement-really, who tries to go into other people’s rooms?-the man thanks her and makes his way to his room, certain that the warning will be unnecessary.

Later that night, he hears an odd thumping coming from that room. He thinks that it’s an odd thing, what with the warning he’s been given and all. He knocks on the door, and asks whoever is inside to please be quiet.

The thumping continues. The hotel, being as old as it is, still has doors that lock with an actual key and not a card. He leans down and looks into the room. A woman, with long white hair and pale white skin, sits in a rocking chair. She is facing away from him, but he can see that the noise is her chair hitting the wall.

Eventually the noise stops and he is able to sleep.

The next morning, curious and wanting to double check what he saw, he looks into the keyhole again. This time all he sees is a solid red color.

Now confused, the man returns to the front desk. The woman at the desk can’t help but make a face.

“There was a murder in that room, a long time ago. A man murdered his wife in that room. She was a lonely thing who liked to rock in a chair at night. Beyond the rocking, she was known for her appearance-she was very very pale except for her eyes.

Her eyes were an odd shade of red.”


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