1. Night writing

Night writing is bad. I’ve had to force myself to stop writing at night. I keep trying to write entries that are supportive, or at least comforting, and end up reading like I hate all other bloggers ever.

That’s…totally not true. And I do want to write on those topics…just when the sun’s actually up and I’m not accidentally flaming half of the Internet.

2. Unduly territorial

I’ve been getting oddly territorial again. I think it’s a SAD thing, I get like this every fall. Like, I saw a project on FB using a yarn that I’ve been using-a commercial yarn that you can get at big box stores. People are falling over themselves about this project…and I can’t help but thinking that people wouldn’t care at all about what I’m up to because now it’s going to look like I’m piggy backing.

I know that it’s completely nonsensical. At the very least it’s not very important. But still, I shake my fist at you, FB knitting group.

3. I want to tape my boyfriend

Mid should consider himself lucky that my phone is always dead when he does things like dances randomly in the middle of the living room when I get home at night.

Because this is hilarious and the world should really see this.

4. Invisibility

This is a ‘true’ confession in that it’s probably deeper than most of my confessions: I feel invisible. I feel like what I do or say doesn’t really matter that much.

I almost cried the other night because someone gave me mac and cheese-because it meant that I’m not in fact invisible.

I have to admit that this is one of the nastier sides of blogging (and one that I know that other bloggers have noticed, because The Frugal Girl, who I respect a lot as a blogger, commented recently on this subject, much in the same train of thought as my own). You see people who have these seemingly perfect lives and hundreds of comments and the adoration of everyone.

But then you also have people like The Frugal Girl who openly admits to unfollowing certain bloggers because they seem too perfect and the pressure becomes too much.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s nice to know that if I’m invisible, there’s probably an invisible army out there.

Dude…maybe that would actually be sort of cool. We could have our own comic books.



  1. I don’t feel too terribly pressured in WritingBlogLand, and I guess do feel a bit invisible, but all told, I haven’t got much going yet, do I?

    But in DogBlogLand, there are some blogs I genuinely wonder at the success of. What exactly did they do to get all these comments, all these follows, and when? Because I don’t see it, sometimes.

    But! I piggyback things ON PURPOSE in DogBlogLand. Derivative, but with your own take on something, can open a wider conversation when you’re linking to the other things. I’ve taken my thoughts from a brief reply on a blog and used it as a leaping off point for my more in-depth post, and while those things don’t get me crowned in laurel, I’m typically happy with them. But I can see how, with regards to crafting, it could seem more like “copying” than continuing a dialogue, and that is frustrating.

  2. Love this post! Thank you for sharing. It’s refreshing to see honesty in blog feeds in between all of the seemingly perfect homes and lives that are usually flaunted.

    Re: Night writing — I’m totally guilty of this. Actually. I’m super bad for nighttime photo editing. I just sit there for hours and hours with netflix on and edit every photo I have until I can’t see straight and my butt is numb.

    Re: Being “Unduly territorial”… I’m kinda bad for this. But in a weird it-takes-me-a-year-to-get-around-to-blogging-about-things-I-did-but-now-so-and-so-is-blogging-about-it-what-a-jerk-but-also-I’m-a-terrible-blogger type way. And let’s face it, there’s a ton of hipster “but I did it before it was cool!” feelings happening, too.

    Re: Taping your boyfriend…. I absolutely agree that the world needs to see more cute boyfriend activity. My fella is moving in soon, and I’m tempted to have him sign off on some sort of waiver releasing all of his social media rights. Cuz seriously–the world really needs to see it. Let’s start a movement?

    Re: Invisibility — This is something that I think about all the time. Especially the piece about other bloggers seeming to have it all together and the pressures being unbearable. I wrote about that to an extent here:

    Also–an aside… I sometimes feel like the only blogger with a normal sized house, without awesome fleamarkets nearby, and with a single normal person income without awesome lighting to take gorgeous photos with all the time. Also, does nobody ever just have nights where they veg out on the couch and don’t have anything to report?? I do that all.the.time.

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