So I’m spinning all this yarn. I need to know what I’m spinning for, so I don’t spin all winter and end up with three times the wool I actually need.

(All photos belong to their designers, blogger does not claim ownership of any)

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copywrite, Berroco

c, Berroco


Solaris, Berroco

I like that this one is fairly sleek, the pattern stitch is fairly low key, and there’s no button band to worry about. It’s nice for a work sweater, but I’m concerned about drape with the way that Skadi is spinning up.

Copywrite, Drops

c, Drops

114-2 jumper with cables and raglan sleeves in ”Karisma” by DROPS design

I don’t necessarily want to deal with the floppiness of a sweater on circulars while I’m knitting, and I think the heavier bits of the yarn will be too heavy on a size 6. But I like the yoke pattern.

c, Patons
c, Patons

Cabled Yoke Pullover by Patons

I really like the yoke on this one, but again with the knitting in the round.

c, Lion Brand

c, Lion Brand

Shaped Cable Top by Lion Brand

I really like this one, the construction is simple enough I could change the bottom band and readjust gauge. The only thing I would change right off the top would be lengthen the sleeves, but that’s simple enough.

c, Lion Brand
c, Lion Brand

Aran Sweater and Tam #1101 by Lion Brand Yarn

It’s been a long time (well over a decade) since I knit a sweater this heavily cabled. But if I could do it in high school, there’s no reason I couldn’t do it now.

c, Imperial Yarns

c, Imperial Yarns

Winter Games Pullover, by Tanis Gray

I like this one. I would just knit the sleeves plain.

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