An Explosive Situation


Let’s do one this week that’s not entirely doom and gloom and horribleness.

Okay, it’s doom and gloom and horribleness but it’s not quite as dark as what I normally write about on Sunday.

Will eating Pop Rocks and soda make your stomach explode?

Are Pop Rocks even a thing anymore? I bridge that time period that makes me both a child of the 80s and a child of the 90s. My mom never let me have Pop Rocks which means I have that black and pink package emblazoned on my psyche like some sort of carby holy grail.

There is one more aspect to the legend that dates it, as well, which may mean that this may be slowly dying off (probably to be replaced with Pepsi and Mentos).

According to the story, eating Pop Rocks and soda at the same time will cause the consumer to experience such a large amount of gas buildup in their stomachs that it becomes fatal. In fact, this is what killed Mikey, of the Life cereal commercial fame-he would in fact eat everything, and it killed him in the end.

(That, right there, is what dates this legend. That’s not a common ad campaign anymore, regardless of its place in popular culture.)

There’s a lot of issues with this story: the amounts consumed (multiple packages downed with multiple cans of soda at once-sometimes as much as a six pack on one sitting), the lack of anyone knowing anyone in real life that actually died like this, the fact that stomach acid is well acidic by definition to start with, and the fact that John Gilchrist (the actor who plays Mikey) is still alive.

And the story is [relatively] dated; it can be tracked to roughly 1979.


Pop Rocks Death


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