My Completely Unsolicited, Completely Random Christmas List

christmas list 2014

Not that you care.

No, really, that’s ok. I know it sounds aggressive, but let’s all be honest with ourselves, right?

But I really like writing Christmas lists, even if no one reads them. And oddly…I still get asked for them.

29 years old and I’m still sitting down and writing a list to Santa Clause. That’s totally not weird.


[And if you were here during the drafting stage, you’ll see that even after a Masters Cum Laude, I still can’t spell to save my life. Blame it on whatever you will, spelling is not my strong point.]

1. Honey

Raw honey, to be honest. There are certain foods that I would be over the moon to find a box of under the tree-even if there was nothing else in the box. Honey, especially raw honey, is one of those food.

2. Raw sugar

Same with the honey. I use a lot of raw sugar, and I buy it when I find it on sale. I’d love a large enough stock that I could hold off for awhile.

3. Gourmet baking supplies

Have you ever opened up the King Arthur catalog? I’ll take one of every thing

4. Silver Icelandic wool

I don’t care how much. I’m spinning a long term project and I would love to have one.

5. Someone to teach me where my bread is failing.

Bread is easy, edible bread is another entirely. I’ve managed to be a self-taught cook with a lot of things, and Youtube and the Web is awesome, but I’d really like someone to tell me ‘this is what it looks like when you’ve kneaded it properly’.

6. Really awesome coffee

I bleed dark roast. Coffee is sometimes the only creature comfort that I allow myself.

7. Coffee

This is actually a separate wish from the last one, because this coffee for other people. I host a coffee night for other people once a week and it would be nice to build a stock pile of coffee so I don’t have to go out in the snow to get it.

8. Fancy canning jars

You know, those ones that are like $10 a pop at Williams and Sonoma. Ball works just fine but I have to admit to being one of those people who’s mental health is better when surrounded by nice looking, functional things.

9. Circular and double pointed needles

Somehow my needles all disappeared over time. That’s part of the reason all my knitting projects have been so simple lately, I have no idea what happened to all my needles.

10. Give

I ask this every year. Donate somewhere. Do some research and find someplace that donates within your community. Give to a food drive, give to a library. Do something for someone not as blessed as you are. If you’re sitting here reading this, it means you probably are better off than a great number of people. Spend five minutes of time and a couple of dollars to someone who’s hurting more than you are.


One comment

  1. So where can I send a bag of coffee? 🙂 I live for coffee, and I think it’s neat you host a coffee night!

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