Meanwhile, in Buffalo…

day squall night squallThat is the infamous Buffalo November storm snow line. It’s hanging out several blocks down from house…just chilling…intent on destroying the southtowns.

For the love whoever it is that you pray to…stay wherever you are. And if you hear the weather reports telling you multiple feet-and for the love the gods IF THEY’VE ALREADY ISSUED A TRAVEL BAN…stay where you are. Unless you’re essential staff, this is not the time to be traveling-and a large chunk of the problem in the city right now. Harsh, but when they’re talking about bringing cranes in from Canada to get abandoned cars off the road so they can plow enough to get rescue crews into Cheektowaga…yeah. Time to call into work. Let them get to work cleaning this up-there is only so many plows in this city.

I have the dubious luck of having been in the 2007 storm that dropped 12 feet on Oswego. That storm is in large part the reason I’m a food prepper.

Be safe people, stay warm, and stay calm. It’s supposed to move north and then rev up again on Thursday.

It’s going to be a long winter.



  1. Stay safe, stay warm! I’m south east of you, so haven’t gotten much snow, but it is COLD. Perhaps warmer today, though; the cold water in the kitchen was frozen yesterday (just the cold water in the kitchen. Not the water anywhere else in the house) and is not today.

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