November Housekeeping

There isn’t much to report this month.

The blog’s been pretty quiet-I’ve started reading my way through my book back log so hopefully I’ll have book reviews up soon. I have multiple projects on my needles and my wheel. The northtowns didn’t really get the snow, but you can’t be in this city without feeling the ripples from the snow so a lot of this week was spent dealing with the storm.

31 Days of Baking

31 days of baking inviteI’m going to attempt this project again this year. Hopefully my oven won’t die halfway through the month during this round.

Fall Into the Holidays and Inspired Weekends

fith thanksgivingThrough at least the first of the year, Fall Into the Holidays will be open sometime on Tuesday. Inspired Weekends is open occasionally as well.

2014 Gratitude Lists

My traditional gratitude list will be posted on Thursday. You are welcome to link up a list on that entry.

Social Media

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