The Haunted Elf on the Shelf


I know it’s a little early to the start the Christmas seasonal stuff, but I’ve been sitting on this story impatiently for months.

Close enough.


I know full well that this story is [most likely] completely made up, I mean, if you think about this for thirty seconds it has to be.

I don’t care in the slightest.

Cursed objects aren’t exactly new. What they’re cursed with, why they’re cursed, and what they’re supposed to accomplish vary from object to object, but there’s not a lot of question that it is an established folklore trope.

Are you familiar with those Elf on a Shelf things? I hate them-which might be why I love this story so much. The basic idea of the elf, if you are unfamiliar, is that the elf appears nightly and monitors your children. The elf is supposed to report back to the child’s parents and to Santa about what the kid is up to. The elf has a name, but I honestly can’t remember what it is. It’s irrelevant anyway. I find the whole thing creepy but my dislike of the Elf on the Shelf is fodder for another entry.

According to an Ebay listing, the cursed elf was purchased at an estate sale. The seller brought the elf home and set it up. The traditional ‘strange things’ began to happen but the buyer didn’t make the connection to the elf until she tried to put it away. But she also, you know. posed the elf with a kitchen knife. The doll would move by itself, the doorbell would ring at odd hours, and shadow people started appearing in the home.

The seller does not state how she came to understand that the doll was the issue, but the listing included the original packaging.

Are Elf on a Shelf(s) even old enough to come in vintage?


  1. We used to have an elf that looked exactly like Elf on a Shelf. This would have been in the early 70s. We just used it for decoration, though. There was no story behind it watching me.

  2. My grandparents have their original shelf elves, though until last year, I literally never heard the “lore” on them, that they were spying on you and reporting to Santa. That’s some Kris Kringle Cold War nonsense right there.

    I LOVE looking up haunted items on eBay. I haven’t done it for a long time, because for awhile I guess people caught on, and they would put every adjective they could think of in the title for an item which was really unremarkable, so it would be all “HAUNTED ghost dragon fairy pixie gypsy quarter machine ring” or some such.

  3. Thanks! Im a little freaked out now about doing the elf on a shelf for my little girl next year. Haha I do love the idea though of some innocent Christmas magic being something else entirely 🙂

  4. The elf that Elf on the Shelf is based on has been around for YEARS – my grandmother had one. But the book or whatever started up in the last 10 years, as another way for parents to scare their kids into being good or else they won’t get the materialistic goods they so desire.

    (A tradition I like far better is the idea of having the manger out early, and a box of straw, and the idea is, each person tries to anonymously do nice things for other people, and when they do, they get to add a straw to the manger, the idea being, you work as a family/group to help Jesus have a soft bed. That seems better to me than the “you better be good or else you won’t get an XBox like all your little friends.”)

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