2014 Gratitude List

sunflower-187984_1280Every year on Thanksgiving, I write a list of the first 50 things I’m thankful for. This started from an idea posted by The Frugal Girl.

They’re given in no particular order, and they don’t have to be ‘huge’. They just have to be the things that you’re glad to have had throughout the year.

Feel free to write and post your own list (though crediting The Frugal Girl would be nice).

1. Kindles

2. Coffee

3. Opportunity

4. Growth

5. Hardship

6. Family

7. Change

8. Busses

9. Friendship

10. The military

11. New beginnings

12. Endings to situations

13. Healing

14. Hope

15. Netflix

16. Advantages

17. Steady work

18. Mid finding new steady work

19. Safety through the snow

20. Housing

21. Adequate food

22. This neighborhood

23. Reliable vehicles

24. Chocolate

25. Clean water

26. Body scrub

27. Stability

28. Education

29. Sleep

30. Overtime

31. Financial advances

32. Paying off one of my two student loans and a car loan

33. Freedom

34. Travel

35. Yarn

36. The Internet

37. Blog readers

38. New blog networks

39. Social networking

40. A solid support base

41. Finding a solid medical team

42. A treatment plan

43. Finding a support group

44. Cooking

45. New cookware

46. Indoor plumbing

47. Junk food

48. Warmth

49. The ability to help

50. The gift of a new year


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