Whiskey Scented Cranberry Sauce

This was a complete and utter accident. Or at the least it was very unplanned.

But I’m seriously considering always making my cranberries like this.

This makes a fairly small amount of sauce-it was only the two of us this year, and I’m the only one who eats cranberries. But it’s insanely simple to scale up-just remember that liquid and sugar are always half of the volume of the berries (so 1 cup juice to 2 cups berries).

You could make this plain, and I have that recipe listed in the archives. However, there’s something about the combination of orange juice and whiskey that makes these berries amazing.

Roughly 6 ounces whole cranberries (about half of an average sized bag)

1 cup orange juice

Roughly 1/2 shot whiskey

1 cup sugar

Over medium low heat, cook all until the berries start popping.You might want a splatter screen. Once the berries start popping, let cook down about 20 minutes more or until it’s reduced by about a quarter.

Place in a bowl and cool in the fridge. The sauce will thicken as it sits as the pectin in the berries starts to gel.

*This is a variation of the Ball Blue Book cranberry sauce, and should be safe to BWB can if you wanted to, but the recipe written to this scale probably won’t produce enough sauce to make it worth it.


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