Fall Into the Holidays #11 (And Freezing Cookie Dough)

I started freezing individual cookie sized dough balls a few years ago. The only problem with doing a project like 31 Days of Baking is that there’s only two of us, and even if I pace the projects, that’s still a lot of food.

I normally do my baking on Saturdays but there are times when either we’re not home or I just don’t feel up to it. Having dough balls in the freezer helps, because I can pull out a bag, pop the balls on a tray, and still have fresh cookies. It’s also nice for the nights when I get home and Mid announces that he wants cookies-or if I forgot to make something for a potluck or similar.

This does admittedly work better with a stiffer dough cookie, but if you’ve ever frozen berries the idea is pretty much the same. On a flat surface (I just grabbed a plastic cutting board for the batch in the photo) place your dough balls. Since they’re not being baked, you can pack them closer than you would for baking, but don’t pack them so close they touch or it’ll be harder to get them apart. Put your tray so that it’s flat in the freezer, and freeze at least several hours or until hard. Take them off of the tray-putting parchment paper down first will help-and place into freezer bags.

To bake them I just preheat my oven slightly longer than normal to make sure it’s up to temperature and add about a minute to the baking time. I don’t thaw the balls first. You might want to put something on or in the bag with the baking time if you have more than one bag of balls going at the same time.

(There is a tip on Pinterest about putting the dough into an ice cube tray. I never actually got that tip to work right and just went back to the balls.)

snowflake cover

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  1. Hello cute lady! it is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Thank you for hosting. Please join us at our party tonight.We would be thrilled to have you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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