Horrific Knit’s Top Entries, 2014



Taking a break from the carbs to start taking care of the end of year wrap ups.

Seriously, Mid brought me a bowl of cookies after dinner and I almost threw it at him whilst screaming what part of no more cookies did you not understand?!

…Anyway. Because my stats were so drastically improved this year (I know that’s braggy, I know that’s not even a humble brag, but I’m human, I guess) I’ve decided to give two lists this year-the best posts of the year, and the best posts by total number of hits.

I’m actually very surprised by the first list, and by the second to a point. I would not have thought that the entirety of the first list would folklore and horror. Especially because I do so little groundwork for those posts.


Top entries by total hits, over the past 12 months:

1. The Buckley Family Beheading Photo

2. The H.H. Richardson Complex

3. The Wolf Woman of Mobile

4. The Naughty List

5. The Faceless Woman of Beacontree Station

6. Don’t Hold Your Breath

7. The Owlman

8. Spirit Photography

9. Riding the Long Black Train

10. Black Shuck

Top entries posted in 2014

1. The Wolf Woman of Mobile

2 .The Faceless Woman of Beacontree Station

3. The Owlman

4. The Blue Lady of Miami

5. How to Make Cinnamon Extract

6. Make Your Own/DIY with Horrific Knits

7. Pumpkin Spice Shortbread

8. Rosemary Onion Fridge Pickles

9. Lemon-Lavender Soda Syrup

10. Strawberry Vanilla Fridge Jam


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