MYO Pumpkin Pie Spice




I ran out of cloves.

This is a bad thing.

Because I was also running out of pumpkin pie spice.

I have blogged this mix before, but it still holds true-I use pumpkin pie spice in just about everything. About the only thing that I don’t like it in is was cinnamon rolls-because I don’t think that cinnamon rolls should taste like cloves and ginger.

My kitchen ate my cloves and for whatever reason clove prices went through the roof. I finally found some in the Goya section (one of my main money saving tips for spices-look in the Goya section) for a seventh of the price of what Wegmans wanted for cloves.

You’re not reading that wrong, I spent $1 on cloves from a brand I use all the time and like the quality of, instead of the $7 that Wegmans wanted for McCormick’s.

Seriously. Look in the Goya section for spices.

I also ran out of butter…so between the lack of pumpkin spice and the butter, baking sort of crawled to a halt this week.

This is the mix, combined from a lot of people’s versions and variations of pumpkin spice, that I like the best. I will occasionally add mace to the mix if I have it. *One of the best things about making your own spice mixes like this is that you can add or subtract anything to your heart’s content, or leave something out entirely if you have an allergy concern.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

(large batch)

5 tablespoons cinnamon

7 teaspoons nutmeg and cloves (each)

6 teaspoons allspice

1 1/2 teaspoons ginger

Mix well and add to an air tight jar. I don’t use anything fancy, I think the jar I’ve used for years held teriyaki marinade.



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