Down and Dirty Fast DIY Candle Holders



I think that there is this weird idea that women hoard candle holders as some sort of genetic nesting drive.

Like, we all have candle holders the way that we all own eye lash curlers and 575,000 bottles of wine*.

It’s Yule, and Yule is a fire holiday (in some people’s wheel it’s THE fire holiday). Ironically, my log actually is a candle holder.

Beyond that and some cast iron pedestal pillar holders, which are ironically my boyfriend’s, I don’t own any candle holders anymore.

Which was a problem because I needed to burn a candle for weird and witchy related purposes.  Points working against me:

1. It was after dark.

2. I’m lazy.

3. I’m cheap.

4. It’s after dark.

5. I didn’t want to buy something for such a limited use situation.

6. It’s already after dark.

However-I have both canning jars and salt.

That’s right, you can make candle holders for odd sized or smallish candles with a canning jar and some salt. Canning jars are thick enough to handle high temperatures (that whole boiling and pressurization thing) and salt will neither burn nor melt when it comes in contact with candle wax. And it’s mad cheap, just buy the $.30 container from Aldi’s.

I used a 4 oz jelly jar for a very small, very thin candle (think an over-sized birthday candle). I filled it about halfway with salt, then wedged the candle in there. If there’s enough salt, the candle will stay upright.

When you’re done you can pick out the wax drippings, add more salt if necessary, and throw a lid on the jar. You don’t even need to throw the salt away and you can just use the same jar the next time you need to burn a candle.

* I -might- still have an eyelash curler left over from college, and it’s rare to see me with wine that’s not cyser. I fail at femininity.


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