The Hot Sauces of Christmas



There is a store in the Galleria Mall that I want to move into.

It is nothing but hot food products.

Hot sauce, hot bbq sauce, hot jam, hot salsa, dried peppers…I just want to live there.

Mid asked me what I wanted for my Christmas stocking since I already have my big present (hint: it is related to penguins. Giant penguins). I told him hot sauce.

It turns out that we’re both terrible at Christmas-ing. We still need to put the tree up but neither of us seem to be in any great rush for that this year.

The big problem that we’re having this year is making the presents last until Christmas. I had asked him, specifically, for this hot sauce kit that I had seen that had five or six bottles of hot sauce that I’ve been eying for a few years now, and have never managed to get for myself.

My hot sauce collection stands as follows, including what I had before Christmas started:

-A Tabasco type that I use mainly for cooking

-2 different scotch bonnet sauces

-1 Peri-peri sauce

-Sambal Oelek

Firestarter in various configurations

-White Zombi

-Tiger Sauce

-One @#$%ing Drop at a Time




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