Top Sources of Traffic, 2014



Trying to juggle everything I want to write about is sometimes difficult.

I want to write about knitting, about spinning, about websites I find, whatever the current monthly theme is. I have a post about eye shadow that I’ve been sitting on for six months.

Sometimes I write entries that are intended on being series-whether or not the series actually ends up going anywhere may be a different issue.

Sometimes entries are place holders, or ways of holding onto information for myself.

This is one of those posts. I normally dislike traffic posts because there’s normally a concrete number involved, and frankly, while I seem to have a delicate blogging ego anyway, I come away feeling vaguely disgruntled and jealous.

However, I am interested in seeing where my traffic comes from, which is ultimately helpful for knowing where to put my energies in 2015.

So, here are my top traffic sources for 2014. I’m only listing sources above a certain threshold, and trust me, the first well out strips the last in terms of number of hits.

1. StumbleUpon-StumbleUpon’s effect on my stats this year was actually heavy enough it earned its own post earlier this year.

2. Search Engines-This was actually my biggest surprise this year. I was expecting this to be a lot lower.

3. Pinterest-This was another surprise, I also thought it would be a lot lower. It is, however, a lot lower than what ‘experts’ in blogging will tell you that you’re definitely going to get. If anything, StumbleUpon and Pinterest should be reversed if the ‘experts’ were right.

4. Facebook

5. The Prairie Homestead (blog)-This site used to host a homesteading blog hop that I liked to link up to. Unfortunately, she has since stopped hosting it and I’ve never been able to track down the current hosts to see if it’s even still up. It might be and I’m just hitting it at the wrong times, I’m not sure.

6. Little House in the Suburbs (blog)-Another blog hop

7. Frugally Sustainable (blog)-Another homesteading hop

8. New Life on a Homestead (blog)– Co-host with one of the hops already listed

9. Being Frugal by Choice-(blog) Homesteading hop

10. Reddit-This might have been the biggest surprise of all of them, if we take StumbleUpon’s effects out of the equation. I personally don’t add any material to the site itself. Maybe I should try a blogging board over there.

So the big take aways from this for me are:

-Center on homesteading blog hops. I mentioned this earlier this year on my how-to on blog hopping, but it turns out that I really get little to no traffic on ‘mainstream’ or ‘mommy’ blog hops. So if I’m really short on time or patience, I should put my energy there first. Because ‘mainstream’ hops didn’t even come close to hitting this list, and while all hits are good hits, sometimes you really do need to prioritize.

-Keep on with the StumbleUpon. A very, very rough estimate of the average number of hits I get from StumbleUpon a day is in the 200-250 range. And that’s an average; an outlier day might be closer to two thousand. It’s happened, and for a blog my size, that’s sort of a big deal.

-Pinterest is helping me, sort of, but it’s probably never going to be the huge traffic driver that it’s made out to be. And that’s not just for my own content; I’ve noticed since the algorithm was restructured even pins with much better photos than mine are not getting any traffic. Unless it’s a woman in a top hat, and then that pin will get so many repins a day I’m tempted to delete it just so I don’t have to keep seeing her face in my notifications.


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