Christmas, New Year’s, and Blood Oranges-Ramblings

-I feel like I lost about three days of time out of my life. I know exactly what I was doing-I was surfing Reddit, getting into completely meaningless arguments (I do this sometimes) (I’ve never realized just how many people use bed frames of all things as a marker of maturity), and drinking kalimoxtos (red wine and Pepsi) (really good, really lethal). It hit about 11 pm last night and I realized I have nothing to show for this weekend.

-Because I have nothing to use for this weekend and I accidentally set last week’s Fall Into the Holidays to be open for the month…just keep using that one I guess. I -will- get the features out sometime this week. I know I promised it for last week, but last week was also Christmas and we know how promises on Christmas go.

-How did Christmas go? I discovered that if you leave your home in Buffalo before noon on Christmas, you find yourself in the middle of 28 Days Later, the part where he’s wandering London by himself. There’s all sorts of weirdness there-the ambulance that I kept following around, finding its hiding spot, and then it would move just to start the whole round over again, papers blowing across the street, no traffic. A random mound of the plastic trays that Pepsi gets delivered in. It was very odd.

-I’ve started walking again, off and on. We’re having, thus far anyway, a really, really warm winter-hence my wander through Buffalo’s post-apopcalyptic wasteland (I have no idea how you actually spell that word). I woke up on Christmas needing to walk. Things I learned: it really is just movie theaters, Chinese food recipes, and gas stations that are open on Christmas. Apparently I really never do leave my house on Christmas, I thought that the grocery store would have at least radically shortened hours.

-Wegmans has blood oranges again. Blood oranges are one of the things that makes winter tolerable. My plan for this year, now that I’m making slightly more money, is to get my hands on as many blood oranges I can. This batch will be split between eating and fermenting.


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