Cosmetic Confessions: L.A. Colors

I cheated, this is one of my ELF pans.

I cheated, this is one of my ELF pans.


My name is Katie and I confess to be marginally obsessed with L.A. Colors eye shadows.

You probably haven’t heard of them. If you’re obsessed with Sephora…you most definitely haven’t heard of them.

Because finding them will most likely involve a trip down the dollar store cosmetic aisle.

Cue up the theme from Halloween.

No, seriously, I understand that the dollar store make up aisle sounds like a terrifying place-and for a woman who pretty much only wears Tarte foundation now, I get it. But I will further admit that I didn’t go into this blind. I don’t just buy random products and start applying them to some of the most delicate areas of my body.

I kept reading reviews of this company on line and when I finally found them I was really pleasantly surprised. And now I stockpile them, especially for my travel palettes. Who cares if you trash out a dollar store tray?

So the run down:

1. I don’t ‘do’ swatches since I’m not a beauty blogger, but the pigmentation is at least as good as some of my other drug store level shadows. I don’t have any Sephora level shadows, so I can’t compare there. But it’s like most of the other brands I’ve found-some are hit or miss.

2. Fall out is about on par with my E.L.F. shadows, which I also hoard. Actually, I think my E.L.F. pans are worse for fall out than these.

3. Color range is actually pretty awesome, especially for neutrals.

4. If I remember correctly, L.A. Colors is made in Canada and is cruelty free. They might be vegan? You’ll have to double check.

5. They rotate colors, a lot. I feel like there’s another tray there every time I go, and I go a lot.

6. I actually have fairly sensitive skin and I don’t react to these.

7. I do wear these with primer. I feel like primer is the trick to a lot of the cheap eyeshadow brands.




  1. It was kind of an accident that I discovered makeup primer. I bought one of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows a couple years back, and it came with a primer, and I didn’t now how to makeup anyway, not really, so I watched a lot of Youtube videos on stuff. And I can REALLY tell the difference between wearing primer and not, so I’m always excited when other people mention it.

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