OMG. Bees.


I have been spending a lot of time on Reddit lately.

Not so much that I’ve developed an intense love of Reddit. But Buffalo seems to finally catch on that it’s winter and the weather’s gone south, and so did my back.

So I’ve been spending a lot time chatting and not so much time working on anything new. My project mojo will come back-or I’ll get bored with Reddit, one or the other.

I was trying to come up with a topic for today’s entry and it hit me, as I was thinking about setting up a blood orange honey ferment, that I’ve never talked about bees.

Bees are actually more common in folklore than you would think.

-Bees are horribly sensitive creatures, and they can become attached to a family that owns their hive. If there is any major changes in life status, you need to tell the hive: if there’s a marriage, a death, or a birth. Otherwise the queen can come offended and choose to swarm.

-Bees apparently don’t like profanity. Same as the death announcements, they can swarm if you swear in their earshot.

-Bees are a sign of visitors. If one flies through your window, someone may be coming to see you.

-Like canning, bees are apparently sensitive to a woman’s cycle, so maybe you should leave beetending to someone else on your flow [like the canning, I say do it anyway, who cares what the bees think].

-Bees should not be bought with your own money. The money should be loaned to you for the purpose.

-Lazy bees are telling you trouble is coming.

-A bee landing on your hand means you are coming into money.



Superstitions and Old Wives’ Tales


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