Hot Harvest Pickles


I was all over the place when I was drafting this recipe in my head.

Thoughts like:

-Why did it take me so long to try pickled garlic

-I would have loved to have added a homemade Italian seasoning mix to this recipe, but my kitchen has eaten all my base spices

-I should make an apple and cheddar galette

-I’m really rather obsessed with cheddar right now


So the entry boils down to this: get whatever you can find at a farmer’s market right now and pickle it. There’s no hard and fast rule with what to put into these pickles, especially because I designed them as a fridge pickle so you don’t have to be quite as concerned with canning and acidity levels. And yes, fruits are on the table-a lot of people pickle fruits even if you don’t see them often in the grocery store.

You can scale this recipe up and down as long as you remember to keep the water and vinegar to a 1:1 ratio. You want enough brine to cover your produce, so you might end up with brine left over. You can use whatever vinegar you want in this case, since you’re not canning this recipe. I normally use ACV for my pickles, because I prefer the flavor it gives.

And serve this pickle with some cheddar.

1 pint plum or cherry tomatoes, picked over and any shady looking tomatoes removed

1 smallish apple, cored and chopped-I used a Molly Delicious. I have no idea what a Molly Delicious is, but in it went

2 smallish or 1 medium onion, peeled and sliced

4 cloves garlic, peeled

1 large carrot, peeled and roughly chopped

4 cherry peppers, quartered and stemmed

1 table Italian seasoning

1/2 table dried peppers


2 cups each water and vinegar

2 table each raw sugar and canning salt

In a large pot, bring brine to a boil. Let salt and sugar dissolve. Pull from heat and let cool a little.


In a large bowl, add the rest and mix well, making sure to coat as much of the produce with seasonings. Add brine, and let sit in the fridge at least overnight. Should hold for 2 weeks.



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