Beauty Confessions


That’s a terrible photo all the way around, I’m not afraid to admit that.

But I can’t talk about my cosmetics without a selfie… I mean, that just feels awkward to me to go to Pixabay and a random photo of a flower or something.

The lighting in my bathroom is currently horrible (I need to have bulbs replaced), I’ve been ill for close to three weeks, and I’m slowly teaching myself how to apply liquid/marker eyeliner. And I’m terribly, terribly squishy right now.

But it’s a photo, and since it’s already up on Instagram it’s not like I can deny it exists.

1. I can’t be bothered to wash my face

Before you start losing and flailing around, I do take off my make up. I just have to use those wet wipe things. I have to have something pre-made or I just won’t do it. I would love to list off a bunch of excuses like ‘I forget when I get home at 1 in the morning’ but it really just does come down to ‘I’m lazy’ when I can be bothered to waste time on Reddit and not wash my face.

I am working through more sustainable options than the Almay wipes that I use now.

2. I have to paint my nails now

I finally broke myself of the habit of biting my nails all the time. I was set to start growing my nails out like an adult and then realized that they break, all the time. I will be typing at work and look down to see that another nail has broken. I don’t know if I’m deficient in a mineral or if I need better nail polish remover, but my nails will shatter now if they’re not painted.

3. I use nail polish to get money out of my account

If I don’t have time to get to the ATM for bus fare, I end up stopping at Walgreens and buying discounted nail polish. I’m partial to blacks, grays, pale pinks and other nudes, and oranges.

4. I wear black eyeshadow when I feel ugly

I collect black shadows, but I only wear them if I already feel unattractive. I don’t know if it’s a power thing or what, but I can’t wear them if I feel attractive.

5. I buy fairly expensive foundations…

I wear mid to high range foundations. It’s one of the few, and maybe the only, product that I’m willing to spend good money on. Right now I wear Tarte Amazonian Clay.

6.. …But I wear dollar store eye shadows

You can make all the promises you want that UD and the like have better quality shadows. I just don’t see enough of a difference with my skin to warrant the amount of money that they want for them. I might spend $40 for foundation, but I won’t spend more than $10 on an eyeshadow palette.

7. I get inordinately angry when a company changes a product

Yes, ELF, I’m looking at you and your eyeliner pens. If I get used a product and you come along and ‘improve’ it there’s a strong potential that I’m going to stop using it. If I wanted it improved, I probably would have been using a different product in the first place. I then get angry, throw a cosmetics tantrum, and start looking for a replacement that is like the product had been before it was ‘improved’.

8. I refuse to wear blush

I just won’t do it. I’m actually relatively fair skinned but I lean towards red/pink (it isn’t uncommon for the red to go down and people to start asking me if I’m ill/have just been ill). I wear foundation and powder in order to pull the red out of my skin. Why would I want to add red back into my skin after that? I’d rather go for the pale look and wait for my foundation to settle.

9. I really, really don’t like oddly colored lipsticks

I don’t care how awesome you think you look in blue/purple/neon orange/green/bright yellow lip colors. I don’t like them on anyone, across the board. I might make an exception for light purples like pale violets or peaches, but I honestly think that -everyone- looks bizarre in off colored lip colors. Rock it if you want to but I’m never going to compliment it.

10. I don’t really do pink

I don’t wear pink eyeshadow that often. I’m not into girly girly cosmetics. I wear primarily very dark or very neutral colors. If the look can be described as ‘flirty’, ‘girly’ ‘femme’, ‘sweet’, if the word ‘candy’ can be used in relation to it…I’m not wearing it. My cosmetic choices tend to match my personality and I feel like I’m faking a personality I don’t have if I give into the drive to be a fluff ball.


One comment

  1. I’m right there with you on many of those! (1 and 7-10, mostly. I occasionally buy nail polish, but the amount of time I’m actually wearing nail polish doesn’t really match up.) I’ve been trying out different felt tip pen eyeliners, with occasional hit and misses FROM THE SAME BRAND, which is frustrating. If one was perfect and then the next is terrible and dried out, I’m going to move on to sometime else next.

    I also really prefer it when makeup is cheap. I mean, I do have a couple of Urban Decay palettes, but I also have these Disney Villain things that E.L.F. sold through Walgreens the year before last for like $5 a pop (and the liquid eyeliner from those is serviceable, a distinction I never thought I’d be able to hold forth on).

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