All the Fun I Have At the Dollar Store


This story isn’t dollar store related.

I bought a kit to fill your own k cups. It comes with the lids and the cups and the filters, you fill the cups with whatever you want.

I use green cups when I’m at home, we like the reusable cups that are sold on commercials. They actually say ‘as seen on TV’ on the package. We’ve used them for years, and they serve our purposes well. Of course they don’t fit into the brewer at work.

But this means that I can have a steady stream of dark roast pumpkin spice cups.

And they’re a lot cheaper than prefilled cups.


I’ve fallen in love with the dollar store again.

I can’t come up with a cutesy intro about my love of cheap home supplies right now. So I’m going to just jump right into it.

1. Cleaning supplies

Windex, toilet cleaner, sponges, paper towels. All those fun things. I haven’t seen any difference in cleaning power and they’re a lot cheaper. I feel better about taking them to camp if necessary and not worry about them coming back.

The only thing I won’t get at the dollar store is dish soap-except for original blue Dawn. I use blue Dawn to wash wool and quick laundry loads in the tub. But I’m also very, very particular about my dish soap and there’s a lot of national brands I won’t use so it’s not just some dollar store dish soap hate I have going.

2. Beauty supplies

Including certain cosmetics. Our Dollar Tree gets drops of national brand cosmetics every so often-the last time I went I walked out with ELF Professional line lip stuff and Maybelline nail polish. They also carry a lot of LA Colors which is a brand I’ve blogged about before and trust. I get a lot of my cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail polish remover in a pinch, I’ve bought stuff like make up wedges and brushes for Halloween and other one time use situations.

3. Travel Toiletries

Our Dollar Tree carries a lot of national brand body care items, just in smaller packages. That actually makes it more expensive but it’s still only a buck. When I’m traveling and I want stuff that’s easier to transport, or if I’m traveling forget something, I hit the dollar store. It’s generally not the stuff that I’m used to using but it’ll get the job done until I get home.

4. Junk Food

I don’t do a lot of my food shopping at the dollar store because honestly Aldi’s is cheaper and the quality is normally higher. But Aldi’s doesn’t sell voodoo chips or coconut patties. Or whale crackers.

5. Storage Pieces

Mainly small baskets and the like. Containers to hold things like canning lids, nail polish, cotton balls, things like that. Maybe they’re not as attractive as the home stores…but they’re also a tenth of the price.

6. Gift wrap and blog props

Wrapping paper, cellophane, tissue paper, small bowls or plates. Things that will be single use or don’t really have to be awesome quality.


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