Beauty Babble-2/9/2105

Hey, well, you seem to like it when I talk beauty stuff.

I’m no beauty blogger though so I’ll just put it all in a ramblings style entry every so often.


Reddit has asked me to start doing swatches. If I can figure out how to take decent photos of them, I might.

-Weekly Purchases

Let’s see. I did -not- buy a Wet and Wild palette in Comfort Zone but I swear, I will some day. That palette will be mine.

-Rimmel BB Cream Natural Finish in light-I can’t find the actual name of it and I’m too lazy to go get the tube. Rimmel has three finishes in their BB cream now and I went with the one described as natural (as opposed to radiant or matte). I like it, but it’s not a perfect fit. It works better than my old ‘not amazing, not HG’ foundation. It leans a little yellow though, and and it’s a touch lighter than my Tarte Amazonian Clay which means it probably won’t work for summer.  I’ll either try a cream that has a light/medium option for summer or bounce up to just straight up medium (I don’t wear full foundation in the summer).

Not an optional photo but at least it's natural light. And I felt about as good as I looked, to be honest.

Not an optional photo but at least it’s natural light. And I felt about as good as I looked, to be honest.

-Wet and Wild Lipsticks-Silk Finish in blind date, ready to swoon, and sunset peach, Megalast in Cherry Bomb and Sugar Plum Fairy. I have a Wet and Wild lipstick problem going right now. So far I’m loving blind date and cherry bomb.

-NYC balm stick in Pink Lady

-Rite Aid brand nail polish remover-I don’t think this will be a repurchase. My cuticles are trashed now. But it doesn’t reek, so it has that going for it.

-ELF retractable lip brush-turns out I need one or I look like Twisty the Clown

-Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice

Discoveries and Tips

Baby wipes, yo. I take my make up off with baby wipes now. They work just as well as the Almay ones and once you figure in the size of the package for the price they’re something like a tenth of the cost. Still not ‘green’ but again…I won’t wash my face at night otherwise.

Beauty Embarrassments

-I realized just how bad my drugstore foundation actually was yesterday morning. I don’t think drugstore foundation is inherently a bad thing. I think there’s a ton of solid options. This was not one of them. Your foundation should not start balling off of your skin like eraser dust (this is not the Rimmel, by the way. I got the Rimmel to replace this one). Yeah, not so much on the NYC foundations. I think I got it because it was on deep sale last year. I think I know why.

-It took me forever this week to figure out where my lip line actually is. There doesn’t seem to be a picture anywhere online that just points and says this is your lip line. I’m still not sure I know, my lipstick still looks off but now that I have a rough idea it looks a lot less like I’m playing dress up with my mom’s cast offs.


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