I’ve been having some fun cooking outside of my food comfort ranges.

If you  pay attention to food blogging there’s a lot of similarities across blogs in relation to the projects they take on. The same types of food show up again and again.

Unfortunately a lot of it has to do with stats and traffic. You make what you think will bring people to the blog-or what photographs well. I understand that.

But part of the reason that I’ve not been posting a lot of food is that I’ve been in a food rut, and I’m not particularly interested in common or frequent foods. When I have been cooking I’ve been making recipes I’m finding on Amish groups, or food that I’ve not heard about, or things I haven’t had since I was a kid.

I found this recipe on Lublyou for Russian pryaniki. It fits my current draw back to my heritage, and yes, I will admit that the photography played a part in the decision.

I didn’t really change the recipe this time, all I did was add a little salt. So I’m going to link straight to the recipe this time.



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