Jack Benny’s Roses


We went out for sushi this year for Valentine’s Day.

As we were cashing out they presented me with a single red rose.

In honor of that rose, and because I’m feeling oddly sentimental I will give you a true story, which I find oddly touching.

Comedian Jack Benny was said to be a hard(ish) man and his wife not much softer a person. However, after his death in 1974 it is claimed that his wife Sayde received a single rose a day, to be delivered until her own passing. And so it was until she passed in 1983. This was actually the case; a florist would bring her the rose every morning.

Over time, the reality of Benny’s flowers combined with sentimental poems and emails telling a similar story, until it was assumed that the story of Benny and his roses was the basis for all of the ‘rose a day’ or flowers being delivered from beyond the grave legends.

Jack Benny-Posthumous Roses


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