Beauty Babble-2/16/2015

centaurWhy am I showing you a terrible Instagram photo of a drugstore beauty display?

The question you need to ask yourself is who in all the hells thinks ‘my beauty icon is a flipping centaur?’

-Weekly Purchases

ELF’s clear lip liner, on recommendation. More on that below.

Rimmel lip liner, universal. To replace the ELF liner. I like it well enough. I do think I’m going to branch out to actual colored liners now that I have a good sized lipstick collection started.

Wet and Wild Silk Finish-Java and Cashmere. Cashmere was recommended to me as a color but I wanted to have a brown in my collection that was slightly less intense. The cashmere is growing on me though it’s a little ‘Charmed’ era goth for my tastes, and isn’t quite right for my winter pale skin. I’m really not sure about the Java, it leans a little too shimmery for me.

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sheer Sunscreen, SPF 85-I normally buy the SPF 100, actually, but this was as high as Wegmans had. Yes, I do actually need to wear it that high. I will most likely still burn through it. I ended up mixing some of it with my foundation for tinted moisturizer.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub-I actually remember longing for this product when I was a teen. By gods, I wanted this face cleanser. I don’t remember why I never got it. Buying this made me all sorts of nostalgic. Honestly I probably would have gotten something else but this is what Walgreens had in the travel section. I didn’t want a full sized product, I’m fickle with my skin care and most likely won’t want to exfoliate once I rehydrate enough for my face to not be flaky.

My ELF Clearance Haul-If it wasn’t for my eyeshadow no buy I would have done a lot more damage. I did show some restraint, so it’s a small haul. 2 of the liquid lipsticks and a folding mirror. No more using Instagram to apply lipstick at the bus stop. Everything I bought was tagged at $.70 and even Mid had a problem trying to argue that price.

Empties and Purges

-NYC Sky Rise Mascara in black-I just wasn’t using it and it dried out. I found it at the bottom of one of my boxes and I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

-ELF tan eyelid primer, mini/sample size-the one that came with a palette set a couple of Christmases ago. I got as much use out of it as I could. I have a full sized one somewhere and once that goes I don’t know if I’ll replace it. I feel like exploring other options.

Discoveries and Tips

-It would appear that I actually do know where my bottom lip line is, if you’ve been following along at home.

I just don’t I necessarily like where it is/am currently comfortable enough with lip color to know what it should look like on my face. The woes of learning cosmetics at 30.

-I have finally gotten snow burned this winter. I’ve been very careful to make sure I’m hydrated and heavily moisturized. I thought I was reacting to the Rimmel bb cream from last week-until I started burning when I wasn’t wearing it.

-If you deal with matted/dreaded hair that you’re trying to comb out-it can be done. Just not quickly. I use a -heavy- duty conditioner or oil, or both. And not an oil treatment, an actual oil-hair oil (I got mine at Target), coconut oil, or even just olive oil. Let it sit on the hair for a couple of hours, then slowly start combing out from the bottom of the mass. This brush is a godsend. If my hair gets longer than shoulder length, the minute humidity drops my hair turns into a rat’s nest. That brush is a lot less painful, a lot less damaging, and a lot faster than a traditional detangling comb.

Yes, it’s a curry brush for people. I care not a bit.

Beauty Embarrassments

I completely destroyed that poor lip liner. It never stood a chance and I have no idea what the product actually performs like. It’s one of those marker style ones, and it just completely fell apart on me. I think I just got a dud tube because their matte lip colors come in the same tube and I don’t have any issues with those. In fact, I have the natural color in matte that I’ve been wearing under my lip color as emergency liner until I can pick up another clear liner somewhere.

Whatever you do, don’t tell Reddit that you sheer out your lipstick. They will tell you to buy tinted balm until you are ‘confident’ enough to pull off ‘bold’ lips. It’s apparently a huge cosmetic faux pa. Excuse me, I need to go sheer out my lip gloss now.


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