How to Fry an Egg

fried egg

If life had gone according to plan, today’s post would have been a new baking recipe.

Instead, because life did not go according to plan, I’m blogging about how to fry an egg. Don’t laugh at me, it took me a scarily long time to figure out how to do it properly. I’m all about the basic cooking entries right now I guess.

I was planning on spending all of Monday afternoon baking so I could finally have something to blog about. I already had one recipe mixed up excepting the sugar-at which point it became obvious that I had only enough sugar for that recipe.

Hmm. And it’s -4 out (-20 C). Hmm again. Guess I’m not going to get more sugar in that weather, not on foot anyway. Mid took me to Target for more sugar (and a frozen pizza, frozen pizza is one of my guilty pleasures in life) but not in time to get anything more baked up.

Maybe later this week.

Eggs are one of my powerhouse frugal foods. They’re not an everyday food; I don’t actually eat them that often. But they’re rich in fat and protein, certainly cheaper than meat, and when you finally figure out the tricks, easy to prepare.

I like fried eggs on a sandwich with cheese and salsa, maybe a little bit of meat. I don’t use oil or butter with my fried eggs-a good non stick pan doesn’t make it necessary and makes them slightly more virtuous.

How to Fry an Egg

Eggs, cracked into individual bowls (you don’t have to, but it makes it easier to handle)

Non stick pan


Heat pan over medium heat

While the pan heats crack the eggs into individual bowls. Don’t worry if you break the yolk, I did in the batch in the photo

Place the eggs into the pan, and watch for the whites to go solid. It’ll be obvious-it’s a fairly visible change

When the whites are completely solid but still wet looking place the lid onto the pan for a couple of minutes. That’s what helps set the yolks

You can poke at the yolk to see how set they are. Pull them when they feel as solid as you prefer them


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