Beauty Babble-2/23/2015

Empties and Purges

ELF 3-in-1 Mascara-I’m pretty laid back on my eye make up. I really can’t see enough of a difference to have a strong feeling on the matter. But I have not liked any of the ELF mascaras that I’ve liked. I buy them when I’m broke, period, or they happen to be in front of me and I think, oh, I need to replace my mascara. It’s not necessarily their performance-my eyes aren’t terribly sensitive but on the other hand there’s something about them that my eyes just hate. Even LA Girl mascara bothers my eyes less than ELF.

Almay cleaning wipes, purple package-These are my go to wipes. I try other brands, I come back to these. (Empty)

ELF eyeliner pen-I never could get past that tip

$1 holiday eyeshadow pan-I don’t remember the company. I like the $1 stocking stuffer pans that Walgreens has around Christmas time. I actually don’t like really hyperpigmented eyeshadow on my skin. Other people seem to rock it, on me it’s just funny looking-so if I get a low/mid pigmented pan I’m okay, because I really do look better in light eyes/heavy mouth than the other way around. And they’re normally not terribly chalky.  This was just a chalky, colorless mess. I was debating keeping it and finding the color that it was good for (there’s normally at least one color that makes the $1 worth it) but I ended up tossing it.


Any time I do OT I give myself $20 to play with as a bribe. I hit Target for this week’s $20-

-Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation, Creamy Natural-I am pretty insistent about paying good money for foundation, and honestly this is why. I want something that’s lighter and easier to work with than my Amazonian Clay for days off and casual work days. I don’t dislike this foundation. I just don’t like it. It’s about four times as runny as the Tarte, and the coverage is much sheerer. Neither of these are terrible, it’s not a bad foundation. It feels a little odd on my skin during dry down but once dry it’s fine. It doesn’t seem to settle into my fine lines or pores and it’s certainly not cakey.


I mean, for a $6 foundation it’s better than I thought it would be. I’m just sort of meh on the whole thing. It’s about 1/4 of a shade darker than the Tarte and more orange? I guess? than the light beige (the color I wear in Amazonian clay).

-ELF cleansing wipes-If they work, I’ll stick with them just for the price difference

-Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer-on clearance. I grabbed two, solstice and nude eclipse. I need to retake the swatches under better lights, the one I have doesn’t capture the product at all. They’re definitely much closer to the liquid lipstick end, so much that I ended up blotting the nude down. I’m not sure that I like the nude on my skin tone, but I don’t wear a lot of nudes so I think maybe I need to just get adjusted to it.

-Maybelline Rocket mascara, blackish brown- leans strongly towards the black end. I need to get used to the spoolie (speaking of curry brushes…) It went on a little clumpier than I like but the weird spongy brush may have been to blame. I’ll make a stronger decision once I get a hang of the weird pillow spoolie.

-Burt’s Bees LE Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm-I knew I was running a risk on this one. I love pumpkin spice but even I think there’s a limit to where it should end up. But it was on clearance for less than $1. It’s not terrible. It’s just weird. It’s like having chai mouth.

Discoveries and Tips

-I just don’t like complex eyeshadow on my face. It’s not a matter of not being comfortable with color. I just feel like it’s a hot mess on my eye structure. I really am happiest with minimalist eyeshadow (one or two colors, color maybe in my crease, maybe a blended fade across the lid). I really, oddly (for me) prefer to put my color on my mouth and not my eyes. I’m even one of those weird people who’s completely comfortable with just mascara.

I can see how other people would feel unfinished/unbalanced, but I think that with the veils it really throws off the visual balance of my facial structure to have a lot going on around my eyes.

*I say this a lot with my crafting/food/horror posts but I haven’t said this on beauty side so I might as well get it out of the way. I write a non-monetized, unsponsored blog. I don’t get products for review and if I did they would be with full disclosure. If I’m writing about something it’s because I’m looking for a specific product (I’m still hunting for a cheaper alternative for my beloved Amazonian Clay foundation) or I saw a shiny. With that said, if I say I like a product it’s because I actually like a product not because my sponsors want me to.




  1. It’s funny. I have found that, at least for my facial structure, I look sooo much better with plenty of eye makeup since I wear the veil. Otherwise people are only seeing fabric and not ME. You know? I guess it is all about personality and face shape.

    1. I feel like with my bone structure and my love of long tails, I run the risk of going into ‘carnival fortune teller by Hollywood standards’ territory. Like a Halloween costume. I have seen a lot of really beautiful women with gorgeous veils and detailed eye make up-but it’s just way too much on my face.

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