The Last House on Cemetery Lane

So this movie is sort of adorable.

I’m not saying that it was aiming for cute, or that it’s a cuddly film.

I’m not even saying that it’s good (because it’s not). It’s just that it’s one of those movies where it’s sort of like watching a really good LARP- the acting isn’t believable, the script is stilted and the plot is clunky and forced. But it’s like watching people who are really into what they’re doing role playing. As in, you can tell that the actors are acting but you don’t really care because watching them act is sort of enjoyable in and of itself.

There are a few elements that were at least entertaining in passing-a lot of the effects and shots that were used to try to build tension were enjoyable in passing. Nothing in this film is particularly terrifying, even for a low budget piece.

John Davies moves to Wales for a short time in order to get away from the monotony of his normal life. When he finds the house not as advertised, he questions his decision to move in. However, he does take the house and notices that things become increasingly odd. At the urging of his neighbor, he decides to attempt to communicate with the entity or force that he is sharing space with. What he finds is certainly not what he was hoping to get out of a relaxing trip.


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