Pashima With Tails [The Easiest Wrap You’ll Ever Wear]

I am fully wrapped in this tutorial. No hair is showing. I am however wearing a cami tank, as I was getting dressed while taking these photos.

*Photo quality isn’t awesome, and most likely will be reshot later. First photo to the left is #1 and then so on.

PicMonkey CollagePashima with tails is my easiest, go to daily wrap. You can decide which side to wear your tails, or split them as in the last photo.

I think that sometimes we forget to start at the absolute beginning-that before we learn regals and crowns and even hijab we need to figure out how to get used to the -size- of a scarf. This is a great tie to get used to just working with the size and bulk of a scarf. You can wear this is a full range of scarf lengths. This does work best with rectangular scarves.

If your hair is long enough to be put up, pull into a pony tail. If it’s long enough for it, put it into a bun.

1. Take your pashima and find near center. Place close to center over the center of your hair. I have always worn my hair parted in the middle so center goes over my part. Don’t freak out about getting it too balanced-to steal a phrase-tails are sisters, not twins.

2. Drape the ends of the pashima over your shoulders and pinch or twist the ends slightly. This makes it easier to handle the tails.

3. Pull the tails to the back. You’re going to tie your pashima in a half hitch, or like the first step in tying your shoes. Overlap your tails and pull one end through the gap between the overlap and the fabric against the back of your head (it’ll make more sense when you’re tying it).

4. Pull the half knot snug but not terribly tight. If you are worried about slippage, use a velvet head band or bobby pin the front. I very, very rarely have issues with slipping and I rarely use a band or pins.

5. Place your tails to the front. Or not. Wear them down the back or to one side or another.


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