Morgana (2012)

I still hold that lackluster foreign horror is still generally a better bet than most anything American mainstream studios are putting out right now.

Morgana is not an awesome film. I’m not sure if the movie is that bad or if the plot just feels stale. Morgana, the titular character, finds herself in the middle of increasing danger surrounding the abandoned house next door, a doll-and her own secrets. The movie plays off of a lot of traditionally feminine horror tropes and outcomes with an almost puzzled air of ‘well of course this would happen this way. Why wouldn’t it?’

Even the ending feels obvious-as in, the closing shot feels like the production staff sort of went, well why wouldn’t a woman feel this way? Of course Morgana is now full of grace and forgiveness. She’s now an adult. Satisfied head shake.

I’m sure part of this is the cultural lens (I’m watching a Mexican film as an American), but honestly this seems to be one of the stances that is fairly universal throughout the horror genre regardless of country.

-Spoiler Break-

Horror does not seem to handle the concept of impending motherhood without sliding into that ‘but of course I’m now a loving and protective person who’s capable of great forgiveness. That’s what mothers do. Personally I am much more impressed when a film is able to break out of that trope and just admit that parenthood isn’t all cooing and love and warm cuddly feelings for people who may have harmed you. I don’t think all films need to go quite as far into it as Rosemary’s Baby does, but at least we’re not claiming that -it’s okay you’re being attacked by demons because of a baby-.


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