Beauty Babble-3/2

sugarplumfairyLow natural light, phone quality. Does anyone want to sing Tomorrow with me? The sun will come out, tomorrow…

ELF’s tan eyelid primer, Sweet Libertine’s Ghost Town packed onto lids and pulled lightly under eye, Maybelline’s The Rocket, not terribly careful with application, store brand Pond’s style moisturizer, Ultra Sheer 85+ foundation, random no-name brow kit that showed up in my stash somehow, ELF’s tone correcting powder, Rimmel’s clear lip liner, Wet and Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy (lips lined using a lip brush, then the apply and blot method).

Empties and Purges

-Bath and Body Works Apple hand sanitizer, the old package- I’m one of those ‘gross’ people who actually doesn’t use a lot of hand sanitizer. (I also happen to get sick a lot less than people I know who use a ton of it, but that’s a different tangent.) (Purge)

-Bath and Body Works Volumizing Conditioner-I remember getting this when I presented my Masters. I presented my thesis in 2008. (Purge)

-Facial zinc-I just never liked how this felt on my skin (purge)


-I’ve decided to put myself on a low buy. I’m going to effectively bribe myself with makeup; I really need to get in the habit of at least light exercise again and I’m going a little shopping happy. I get 1 new product for every three work outs I do (counting things like pedestrian errands and vigorous cleaning). This doesn’t count things like skin care staples or sunblock.

Days 1-3

Sinful Color’s Petal Be the Day-blue/purple glitter. I really love SC’s glitters and I find myself getting them in colors I don’t even normally wear.

I have earned another product, but I haven’t had a chance to actually go get anything.

Discoveries and Tips

-About those ELF wipes from last entry. I like ELF’s eye shadows (again, I don’t like deeply pigmented shadows as a general rule and they don’t bother my eyes) but the brand’s mascaras are pretty much a no-go because they do bother my eyes. These wipes bother my eyes. They remove plenty of product, but they’re a drier wipe than some of the brands that I’ve found and for the amount of scrubbing I have to do to get my mascara off, they tear up my eyes.

So if you’re not one to wear a lot of product around sensitive skin or ELF eye products haven’t bothered you in the past, they’re a fairly solid wipe for the price point. But I think I’m going to be moving on to other brands (and by moving on I mean probably going back to my Almay wipes).

-Part of the problem with the wipes is my current mascara-which actually isn’t a bad thing. I sort of wish I had taken a picture because this was sort of comical but I thought a post showered, dripping wet veiled photo would be weird even for me. I’m using Maybelline’s The Rocket mascara in blackish brown. I jumped in the shower with cheap green shimmer shadow and the mascara, washed my face in there, and came out looking like The Crow. This mascara doesn’t go down without a fight.

Again, terrible natural light, but unfiltered and natural light at least.

Store brand Pond’s moisturizer, Cover Girl’s Ready Set Gorgeous in 110, Maybelline’s The Rocket in blackish brown, Wet and Wild’s Stoplight Red, applied without a lot of concern and blotted, no-name brow kit. I didn’t leave the house that day. I didn’t really care.


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