Beauty Babble-3/8/2015

All about those bruised eyes right now.

All about those bruised eyes right now.

I should be posting things. But I’m baking and moving and working and doing.

Buffalo is finally into its thaw. It is supposed to be at least 40 all week. I’m playing mountain goat and going for walks at every moment I can make the excuse.

I walk up in the morning and I dance. I move. I move so much that I’ve lost 8 pounds since I started on the 23rd. Some of you will think that’s really slow and some of you think that’s really fast. My doctors tell me to aim for roughly a pound a week, so it’s a little fast for my body.

So no folklore post for Sunday, and a quiet week on the blog.

Month Long Challenge

I’m taking part in the Makeup Rehab lip dare on Reddit. You wear a different lip product every month and post a photo on Instagram with the  #mrlipdare hashtag.

Empties and Purges

-ELF eye primer (the tan one)-finally hit bottom on this tube (empty)

-NYC balm stick in Pink Lady-first causality of the Makeup Rehab lip dare. I really just hate this product. Not feeling it at all. (purge)

-ELF cleansing cloths-Ok. I hate ditching cloths before I get to the end of the package. And I double hate having to say that I dislike a product enough that I hope I never meet it down a dark alley. But these did nasty things to me. Like, I’m 30 and now have pimples on my eyelids nasty, burned my eyes nasty, and I swear altered my skin texture nasty. I will note, however, that I’m also fragrance sensitive enough that I have to use free and clear laundry soap or have all sorts of weird after effects, so take my experience with a shaker of salt.


Days 4-6

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick, Shade 31-Walgreens has the Rimmel lipstick on sale for half off during the month of March. I love the way the swatches I’ve seen look and I admit, I’m a sucker for the packaging.

Days 7-12

Wet and Wild Silk Finish, Cherry Frost and Retro Pink-Walgreens again, WnW was bogo 1/2. I love these lipsticks for experimenting with colors. I love them even more when they’re $.50.

Other Purchases

Equate Sensitive Skin Wipes-I am aware of the garbage, and I’m aware that there are plenty of green and not necessarily complicated cleaning methods. But I also know me, and while I deep clean with witch hazel and olive oil, I’m not going to be cleansing without the wipes.

NYC Shadow Stick, white-I don’t remember the shade name. I haven’t been able to track down Nyx Milk. With any luck, for a base a $2 stick will work. I actually don’t have a white cream base-I’m considering this a staples purchase so it doesn’t affect my bribe system.

Fergie Take on the Day Primer-As much as the Elf primer is holy grail status for a lot of people I wasn’t that impressed. This one also has hg status for a lot of people, so here’s hoping. (Staple)

Elf Smudge Pot, Cruisin’ Chic-You know the concept of good, better, best? The best decision would have not been getting this pot at all, but this is actually the better option. I’ve been fighting myself for over a week. I’ve fallen in love with the bruised brown eye look and want a brown/neutral Color Tattoo in the worst way. I almost bought a Flower version-but this is cheaper than both the Flower or the Maybelline version. For $3 I hope this satisfies the craving. (Assuming I can use this as a shadow base, staple)

Discoveries and Tips

-Black Bean

Black Bean is the black version of NYX milk that everyone loves so much. I do like the color, I do like what it does as a base.

But it doesn’t matter what primer I used it was just a patchy  mess that didn’t want to blend out. It looked like I used oil crayons on my face.

I know that the obvious answer to some people would be skip the primer but I use primer under my color tattoos without an issue. The obvious answer is the right one-if it doesn’t want to blend, use it as a true base and skip the primer.


After filling and photographing my eyebrows, I’ve decided that my normally thick, wonderful, Scarlett O’hara eyebrows (you don’t have to love them but I do) look like wooly bear caterpillars glued to my face when filled. So I’ve not going to fill them from now one.

-Bruised/messy eyes

I like the bruised look on my eyes. I know it makes me look tired. But I prefer it over clean, restrained eyes. Not on other people, on me. Still leaning heavily to one or two shadows.


Beauty Embarrassments

-Black Bean

So say if you’re a Reddit user and someone posts a photo with an obvious issue-like, say, my beach ball behind is excited about getting the black bean to work but I -forgot to take my glasses off- – don’t be that person that down votes into nothingness and then moves on.

This is actually a standing issue with the Reddit beauty comms and it actually really bothers me. The answer to unsuccessful threads almost always amounts to terrible photography and it almost always amounts to a trainwreck because it takes hours before someone (normally snarkily) comments on the photo quality.

I’m not breaking out the Nikon for a shot of my black bean. I’m just stubborn like that. But I might have been able to reshoot it if someone had said something sooner than 6 hours after the thread was posted.

-Down vote Stalking

I’m not doing much to talk up the Reddit beauty world, am I? Don’t be that weird person that goes around down voting everything a person says because you don’t like their face, they have differing opinions on foundation price points, or they like pink eyeshadow. Whatever is that annoys you about them, it’s a little weird to go around down voting everything they say because of cosmetics. That’s truly overkill for something that’s really not important to human existence, and yes it does happen.


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