In the House of the Flies (2015)

It’s hard for me to write a level headed review for movies like this, because I will be honest-I dislike this subgenre as a whole.

I know that the deliberately slow pacing is supposed to build tension and the lack of anyone other than a handful of characters (one of whom often remains off screen entirely) is supposed to heighten the psychological effects-but I end up not caring about the characters and just getting bored. These movies have an odd habit of doing strange things with pacing as well-at times the interactions seem like they’re off balance, like the characters are oddly nonchalant about things that I would be worried about, such as health concerns, and really worked up about others.

The majority of my issues with House of the Flies is the pacing. There are also a few shots where I question the framing. I also feel like there are a few plot points that are added in only for the emotional effect on the viewer; by that I mean that I would care about the characters without the addition of that plot point and the addition feels forced and vaguely pandering. I also feel like the production team is attempting to pull from the Saw franchises’ success-which is a point made by other reviewers and seems, well, odd for a movie released this far after the release of the first Saw (the fact that it’s not very good at it doesn’t help its cause either).

Heather and Steve are the Hollywood standard young couple (…she’s even a bottle blond). Blindsided while out one summer night, they find themselves in the basement of a house that seems to be full of nothing but bugs, a phone, and some random suitcases. As time moves ahead the phone becomes their only connection to the outside world-and the man on the other end has some ideas of what will play out.

All in all,  there’s a lot better, even a lot better low budget, entries in the torture pron, psych horror abduction horror sub genre. I think you really need to be a fan of the genre as a whole to enjoy this one-and even then this will most likely never be a favorite.


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