DIY Face Scrub


There’s a lot of controversy over the topic of facial scrubs-more than you would think. Whether it’s better to use physical versus chemical, the little balls that don’t disintegrate and kill fish, the evils (or blessings) of sugar…With the exception of the little balls, it seems to depend a  lot on who you talk to (Reddit seems to be populated by a lot of arm chair dermatologists).

I do like physical scrubs, and my skin handles a sugar scrub fine. Truth be told, I do prefer to buy my scrubs but sometimes I need something between pay days or I just don’t feel like putting pants on.

No one likes pants.

I like adding honey for moisture (my skin is letting me know we’re not in the glow of early youth anymore) and, honestly, organic roses if I can find them. Oatmeal is fine as well if you have it. I would avoid coffee unlike body scrubs.

Use an oil like olive or coconut-use one that you know that you don’t react to, or do a spot test first. I don’t react badly to olive or coconut but I’m not acne prone either.


-I use my facial scrubs in the shower so I can just wash them off

-Because all ingredients are food grade, I make a very small amount so I go through it quickly enough to not mold

-I mixed in a cup and then pressed into an empty Paintbox Soapworks sample jar. The label’s wearing off and is totally not photogenic

-I don’t use a facial scrub every day. Start out with once a week and see how your skin handles it. I use hot water on a face cloth the other days

Basic Honey Face Scrub


Brown sugar

Olive/coconut oil

In a dish add a small amount of sugar. Add about a teaspoon of honey. Add enough oil to wet the scrub. Press into a small jar.

*Use a light hand in applying and don’t rub too hard. You’re trying to exfoliate, not act out a body horror in your shower.


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