La Casa Del Fin De Los Tiempos (The House at the Edge of Time)

After a string of lackluster, barely enjoyable horror films, watching this was like taking a very long bath in very clean water.

I am very rarely dissapointed by South American horror as a whole and Venezuelan horror especially. This is a beautiful, dense, gorgeous creepy film by Alejandro Hidalgo. Following the tragedy of Dulce, a woman caught in a twisted reality that’s actually dense enough that I’m not sure I could even spoil  it if I wanted to, this is both cerebral and temporal horror that will force you to pay attention to it if you want to be able to have any chance of making it through the film.

This is definitely meta horror, in a similar vein to House of Leaves (just, luckily, not quite that intense). If you are willing to follow the time jumps and plot twists the story is actually as beautiful as it is complex-how far would you go to save the people you love? Would you actually break the rules of physics to do it?

And even if you don’t like meta, the film is just stunning to look at. The jumps are often filmed in a blue wash, with what I sort of started thinking of as reality (though not necessarily the actual reality of a given time) in a warmer, yellow tone. The colors at all times are rich and deep, which doesn’t always come through in horror. I could watch this movie on mute and be just as satisfied.



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