Beauty Babble-3/23


…It’ll just be easier to show you photos for most of this. Swatch quality isn’t awesome, all under artificial light.

lipstickswatchesI went a little whackadoodle with the lipsticks this week. It’s like all the lipsticks are on sale right now (hey! Guys! Nyx is buy one, get one half off at Ulta until 4/4). I think I’m good with the size of my collection now-the Chaos was the one that I’ve been wanting for a couple of months.

Left to right wet and wild in the flesh, Ultra pink sunrise, wet and wild bare it all, nyx chaos, nyx Alabama, NYC sugar plum, ulta cappuccino, Rimmel Kate Moss 11

tartecomparisonLeft, Tarte Amazonian Clay in light beige, right, Tarte BB in light. The light is actually darker than my current Tarte shade, and slightly more orange. However, I actually picked this up for the summer and all of my other BBs are bordering on the too light side -now-, so I should be okay.

smudgepotsLeft, Elf smudge pot in Cruisin Chic, right, smudge pot in Brownie Points. I think that the terrible lighting is actually a benefit in this case-the shimmer shows up better.

Not pictured-

-Ulta creme shadow in Wisteria Lane

-Ulta mascara, Legendary Lengths? I think? in brownish black (staple)

-Elf blush brush (staple)

-Elf tweezers (staple)

-Walgreens brand cold cream (staple)

And the oddity of the week…

A Ball brand lotion pump for a regular mouth jar. My holy grail moisturizer is this handmade stuff I get at a festival that comes in a half pint jar. Which is great…until I realized I was having issues getting it out of the jar. The pump’s not really cheap but I’ll take the convenience factor for this one.

Beauty Tips

-I’m normally pretty good about checking my lipsticks before purchase, especially the unwrapped bullets. But I was excited to get to Ulta and a Nyx display-with Chaos-that I didn’t check it first.

Once I got it home, I realized that it had been used (dude. Seriously guys. There’s testers for a reason. Don’t be that guy). But! Cleaning bullet lipsticks is easy.

You need some rubbing alcohol or an alcohol wipe.

1. Wipe off the top layer of lipstick.

2. Gently rub the top of the lipstick with the alcohol.

Let dry and bam! Detoxed lipstick.


ultaYeah, so I know that Ulta isn’t exactly a discovery to the majority of the beauty world but I’ve never actually been inside one. Both Sephora and Ulta are out of the way enough that I need someone with a car to take me (remember, I don’t drive). And they were having sales. We know my track record with avoiding sales.

targetTarget is flipping their brands. They took out a chunk of the Cover Girl display at the local store and put in Wet and Wild and NYC. The Wet and Wild isn’t much to talk about since I have much larger displays I can access at Walgreens, but the NYC is not a common brand around here; I don’t normally use their products but maybe if there’s a sale. *I’ve heard rumors that Target is getting LA Colors. I did notice that they finally revamped the ELF display with a full restock-but the NYX is still just as much of a wasteland as ever.



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