How a Corgi Beat the Devil


There is an old bridge in Wales, where the Devil was outwitted by a corgi.

According to the legend there was a gorge with a rickety bridge. An old woman walked her corgi over the bridge every day. She trusted the bridge, but did begin to wonder if her trust was being misplaced.

One day, a strange man stopped her. He made her an off-he would build her a bridge, a better bridge.

She said, ‘Well, this gorge is deep and steep. Only the angels or the Devil himself could build that bridge.’

The man smiled and said, ‘I’m no angel, but for the right price, I’ll build the bridge.’

The old woman shrugged and said ‘The only things I have left in this world are my soul and my dog.’

The man simply smiled and walked away. But the next morning when the old woman returned, there was a shining new bridge over the gorge.

The man stood on one side and the woman on the other. The man called over the expanse,

‘You told me you had two things in the world. I’d like to take one of them.’

‘And what would that be?’ The old woman called back.

‘Just the soul of the first being to cross the bridge.’

The old woman shrugged, and pulled out a crust of bread. Being a pudgy little thing, the corgi pricked up its ears. The old woman calmly tossed the bread across to the other side of the bridge. The corgi, too excited to notice the man-or being particularly over-concerned about the desires of the Devil-ran after the bread-thus becoming the first living thing to cross the bridge.

The man snarled and began stamping-stamping so hard, in fact, he stamped himself straight back into Hell.

They say the Devil knows his architecture, however, and the bridge is said to still stand to this day.


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