Beauty Babble-3/30

Discoveries and Tips

Samples and Road Testing

If at all possible, get a sample of a new product and test it for a few days before you make a final purchase.

Sometime recently I decided I wanted to start doing something about my under eyes. I haven’t been sleeping well and it tells. I’m taking the bruised eye look straight into Scream mask.

Blogger claims no ownership of this image

Blogger claims no ownership of this image

I stopped at Sephora on Friday to check out the birthday gift for this year and I decided eh, I’ll get a concealer sample to see if this is even worth my time. In the store, the way the SA applied it, it looked fine. She recommended an eye cream, which I’ve already started looking (I don’t have any fears of wrinkles or aging, but might as well not go chasing after them either).

When I applied it again at home, not so much (under artificial lights).

amazingIt’s Amazing Cosmetics in fair golden. The color match is actually really, really good-but while you can tell that I spend a fair amount of time squinting at a computer without concealer, this is settling into my lines and making me look like I never stopped squinting. I’ll probably finish this sample and move onto greener pastures.

*In fairness, reviews do say to set with powder or it creases terribly and I did not set it with powder (because I’m lazy.) so I’ll try that next usage and see what difference it makes.


I don’t have any empties this week.

I did a go a little weird with the purges. I ended up going through a purge storm and pulling stuff out of all of my boxes-if I’ve used it for a few weeks/wears and don’t love it, or haven’t touched in some time (in a couple cases, years, some of this stuff I picked up just out of grad school), it was pulled from the boxes.

I ended up dumping 15 pieces. It doesn’t make up for all of my purchases since January, but it’s definitely helping to balance out the size of my collection.


I gave myself some slight leeway for my birthday and picked up some stuff that I’ve been eying for over a month, or longer.

-Smashbox DS sized lipstick-Sephora had a set of Posey Pink and Fig? Maybe? for $10. I can now say that I have a ‘decent’ lipstick brand, and I never finish a full sized lip product anyway. Honestly? Wasn’t terribly impressed. They’re nice but they don’t radically outperform my Wet and Wild collection either.

-Face Studio Master Hi-Light (Pink Rose)I’m not calling this a glitter bomb. I’m not. But I went to see Mid at work and he cooed about how cute it was that I got glitter on my face…

It is a nice pink color that does manage to stand up against the natural red in my face, however. My swatch is terrible, I’ll try to grab another to compare my blushes.

-Physician’s Formula Argan Oil-this needs awhile before I comment [staple]

-Wet and Wild, Vegan Culture six pan, Silver Lake Collection-I haven’t so much as broken the seal on this, I just sit and stare at it. I promised myself I would get this palette for my birthday if I could ever find it. I -just- found it at Rite Aid, stuck on the bottom of an end cap. This is one of the best reviewed palettes from this LE run, and I’m all about the colors right now.

Free Stuff

NARS mini pencils-Okay. I said that the Smashbox did nothing for me? The Sephora birthday gift is a set of two NARS mini pencils. These, on the other hand, blow me away. I will be placing on NARS on my green light prestige brand list-Cruella made it through food, my birthday party, whiskey, sleep, and the next morning. As in, I woke up and went what’s wrong with my mouth? Why’s the color still so dark? Yeah.

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear blushI knew about the glitter issues and the scent before getting the blush so it’ll get some use outside of work until that glitter layer wears off [that’s one of the big issues that keeps coming up, the glitter is on the top, but the blush underneath is solid]. Rite Aid is having a true BOGO sale, so I picked this up as my free item. I really want -pretty- blushes right now-I can get flat, boring pan blushes from ELF if I want them. I want stuff that looks like flowers because I’m suddenly turning into a floof ball. Because of the touchy nature of the reviews I wasn’t willing to get it full price, but free?


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