Pickled Texmex Carrots


You know?

Life is pretty good right now. It has its moments. It’s not perfect. But we’re having a good go of it right now. In six months Mid has gone from unemployed, to cashier, to parts driver, to store manager. I grossly -overestimated- what we needed to pay for taxes. We’re slowly easing into social contact again-though Mid is working double shifts all the time so just how social is sometimes a limit, and I’m still working six days a week so again, we’re not left with a lot of time.

And the weather, though slow to let go, is improving. It did snow this weekend and it was 19F this morning. But the day has been beautifully sunny and they’re saying 63F on Thursday.

My true sign we’re facing spring? The farmer’s market opens in just over a month.

Pickled Texmex Carrots

-This is a fridge recipe because of the cilantro. If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you’ll know I have a habit of seeing a recipe, liking the idea, never reading the recipe, and going off on my own. That’s what is going here-and I got the cilantro for another recipe that didn’t use the whole bunch.

-In theory if you use a chili powder with salt you won’t have to add it to the brine. I don’t use one with salt, so I added it to the brine

1 cup vinegar

1 cup water

1/2 cup sugar

two good sized handfuls chopped cilantro

2 table chili powder

2 table pickling salt

shredded carrots, to fill a quart jar

2 cloves garlic

Add garlic, cilantro, carrots to a quart jar

Bring rest to a boil, then pour brine over carrots. Let sit in the fridge a couple of days before eating. Should hold for a couple of weeks.


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