I’m finding myself being drawn into the feminine this spring. Like, stereotypical, American/Western style, lace and pink and fluffy bits feminine. Maybe not so much on the pink (unless it’s blusher, then I’m canceling purchases because I’m trying to buy the same pink shade from 10 different companies) (I’m working six days a week, I feel like I’m earning my right to a minor hoard of blush).

I -love- the look of textural, architectural ‘big’ wraps. I love the way that they look on other women, with this extended silhouette.

One of my birthday traditions is to get myself some slight leeway in my budget and buy things that have caught my eye for a fairly long time, at least, long enough that I feel comfortable saying that it’s not just me magpie-ing the shiny things. I stopped at Target for a sweater. New clothes mean new wraps, and I ended up with a very pretty, soft sage infinity scarf.

Moving the story along…the morning devolved into profanity and angst as I realized just how much I dislike wrapping with infinity scarves. This thing was huge, hard to manipulate, and the bun it made was absolutely massive. Like, xenomorph massive.

They said I could be anything, so I decided to be the alien queen.



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