Hot Under the Collar

I normally avoid the email hoaxes or legends. They just don’t amuse me enough most of the time to want to write on them.

This one, though, amuses me so I’ll share it.


A businessman from Buffalo is on a trip to Savannah.

Exhausted, he checks into his hotel and before falling asleep he sends an email to his wife:

‘After a long trip. I’ve arrived. It’s true what they say-it really is hot down here.’

He doesn’t double check the email address though, and doesn’t notice that he has left out a number in his wife’s email. Instead of emailing his wife, he has emailed the wife of a recently deceased pastor…

…Who promptly faints.


There are multiple versions of the story though all have certain similarities.

It is always a man who is traveling, and the man is always from an area that is known for the cold. He is always traveling to somewhere very, very warm.

He is always emailing his wife and always manages to mangle the email address without noticing. The woman who is emailed is almost always the wife of a recently deceased member of the clergy.

In some versions the widow faints, but in others the email confusion ends up killing the poor woman.

The story doesn’t seem to be a ‘warning’ UL so much as a humorous or gentle (if slightly morbid) reminder to double check your outgoing emails.

By definition the UL is fairly recent; Snopes dates it to around 1998.

Hot Down Here


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