Michael Richan

288 pages

Kindle Edition/$2.99 at time of review


A confession-I have a horrible sense of time.

It’s almost like I don’t exist in the same time stream as other people. I have to check time tables all the time or I lose the stream for months. I have a pile of paperbacks that fell to the whims of this weird lack of time awareness, that I’m only now finally reading. I actually feel vaguely guilty about that.

Anyway, I have reviewed the River Series previously, and enjoyed all the earlier books (Eximere is book four). Eximere is no exception.

Steven and Roy are brought to a mansion with a group of associates who are also capable of entering and moving through the River. On this particular trip, the ghosts aren’t the central problem-though ghosts still factor in the central plot. Steven and Roy realize that this time, someone is out to harm them-and can attack them at the central point of their beings. Steven starts to come into his own gifts as he’s left to protect his father.

This book may be the darkest of the first four books, and runs slightly more to the surreal. It’s also the book that requires the most familiarity with the rest of the River series. However, I do fully recommend all the books.


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