Lemon Lavender Soda Syrup

This year is still not being good to me for time. Hopefully I can get some kitchen time soon.

Horrific Knits

Lemon Lavender Soda Syrup(Photos via Morgue File)

I’m so in love with lemons right now. It snowed again this week, and while I know that lemons are technically a winter crop they taste like spring to me. If I can’t have the weather stabilize out, then I can eat something that tastes like spring.

If you can’t get Meyer lemons, or they’re pricey, normal lemons will work just as well. The recipe is easily adjustable to output and can be canned in small jars for 10 minutes in a water bath. I’ve been just storing mine in jars in the fridge. Syrups should hold for at least a month.

If you upsize the recipe, just remember to measure out your juice and add half as much water. I normally add a cup of sugar regardless of amount of juice.

Lemon Lavender Soda Syrup

1 pound Meyer lemons, juiced

1 cup white or raw…

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