2015 Canning List

From Pixabay

From Pixabay

It’s not so much that I’m behind on my canning so much as it is that I’m still working on eating through my canned hoard from the last couple of years (and I need to get a new burner for my stove).

I need more tomatoes. So many more tomatoes. I’ve resorted to buying store canned again. That can’t keep happening.

This is pretty much the same list as last year, just with less blueberries. I’m not sure what was up with my blueberry obsession last spring.

-Carrot Cake Jam


–different fruits as well as peaches

—-pineapple has been requested

apple pear jam

-apple sauce

-cyser style apples

-banana fridge jam

-dilly beans

-whole and crushed tomatoes

-dill pickles

-spiked oranges

-plum sauce

-pickled hot peppers

-bbq sauce

-apple butter

-peach butter

-peach pie jam

-cherry jam

-mint syrup

-preserved mint


-cider molasses

-pickled beets


-sweet pickles

-blackstrap strawberry jam


-strawberry mint syrup and jam

-fruit syrups

-hot sauce

-whole peaches and nectarines


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