Half Crowns

A very selfie selfie

A very selfie selfie

When it comes to my veiling choices, I go for single scarf, fast wraps that are lightweight (I have a tendency towards tension headaches) and something that I can actually -wrap up without a mirror-.

I love the half crown for a number of reasons-it’s easy to put up, once you get a feel for the movement you can get it wrapped without a mirror in under a mirror, and it still has some visual interest to it. I also prefer it over a full crown because the tail gives it the visual movement of hair and makes it slightly less harsh.

halfcrown1Using an oblong scarf (over an undercap or not, volumizer or not, up to you) tie a half hitch so you have two unequal tails. Take the longer tail, and twist it tightly so you have a rope. Place the rope across your head where you want the crown to lay (do this in front of a mirror until you get a feel for the size of your head) and tuck the end of the tail under your scarf so it holds in place. Don’t try to tuck the entire tail in one place, just start tucking it along your scarf like you’re making a bed.

*Making equal tails and placing two ropes will give you a full crown.




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