The Tedford Disappearance

Horrific Knits


The Internet can do weird things to legends. It can take things that would have otherwise just slipped away into silence and make them into ‘mysteries’.

Was a man not getting off a bus just a case of being overlooked, or was it something more?

In the early winter of 1949, World War II veteran James Tedford got onto a bus in St. Albans, Vermont. He was on the bus as of the last stop before Bennington, Vermont. Somewhere between that stop and the final stop in Bennington, Tetford disappeared from the bus.

All of his belongings were still on the bus and his seat was unoccupied. None of the other passengers and the bus driver claimed that he never got off of the bus- he simply vanished into thin air. These types of disappearances are not unheard of in history, and there have been multiple disappearances of this type…

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